Meet Anna Morgan, our principle therapist.

At Medela Therapy our focus is working with individuals who have experienced trauma during childhood or as adults. Trauma alters our psychophysiology (the way in which the body and mind interact) and brain function leading to a variety of mental health disorders including:

Medela Therapy also conducts workshops for companies interested in improving relationships between their employees as a means to increase workplace productivity.

Our main approach to treatment is helping clients understand and manage their autonomic nervous system. When clients learn how to co-regulate and self-regulate, they can manage their symptoms, emotions, thoughts and behaviors more effectively.

They also feel safer in their bodies which improves their relationships and sense of self.

We are passionate about psychophysiology and neuroscience. We use these sciences to help clients develop self-compassion and understanding of their symptoms. When clients understand how the body naturally copes with traumatic events in order to survive, they are able to normalize their symptoms helping to dissipate the shame and guilt that accompanies trauma.

At Medela Therapy our goal is to provide a nurturing and safe space where clients can explore the deepest parts of themselves and begin the healing process.

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