Video Streaming Lectures

Video streaming lectures for companies and organizations on how better manage anxiety and depression during the Corona Virus Pandemic

Humanity is currently facing a time of ambiguity and fear. Simple things like getting together with friends are now a luxury that we can no longer afford. Now we have to learn how to be close emotionally but socially apart. This new way of life will be challenging for all of us. However, it will give us a chance to learn how to find peace and safety within ourselves. The goal is not to let despair, fear, anxiety and depression take over our lives. We need to be strong for each other, our children and those who are most vulnerable. The video streaming lectures on how to manage anxiety and depression will provide you with practical tools for regulating your physiological states in order to increase your sense of internal safety. We cannot control what is going on around us, but we do have the tools to more effectively manage our reactions.

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